The Story – dating at 3

This is the journey and as all journeys start somewhere I’ll tell you where mine began. I started dating at age 3 (young I know) long before I had a concept of sexual orientation, gay, bi, straight, all of that grown up stuff.

The scene is set for my dating future, its 1994 and I’m starting to go to nursery and meet other kids. I’m creative, I have great hair and wear cute red check shirts at this point (I wouldn’t always be this cute, my teen years…yuck) the boundaries of my creativity pretty much stopped at powder paints and strange looking humans with stick arms, but nevertheless art is art and art I created as well as a colour hand and foot print my mum still has someplace…

 Anyway, back to my childhood dating life. I wouldn’t call it dating but I definitely felt something close to deep love, that was with my soon to be very close friend Maria.

Did I know it was love? Not at all, kids don’t know what deep emotion is, kids just feel it, kids just are emotion, they don’t need to understand. I wasn’t confused by love back then.

As far as I was concerned I loved her and would often tell my mum I would marry her, and we would have twins (id look after the cute child apparently leaving her the ugly one to look after (like that happens)

Nursery was not only the first time I fell in love but the first place I started experimenting with who I was as a person, I gained a desire to wear dresses when it was time for dressing up and fight any bitch who tried to reach the doll and pram before me when the playtime bell would ring, yes if you haven’t guessed it yet I am gay, and looking back I have been since the age of 3, though I wouldn’t discover this for about another 7 years.

One thought on “The Story – dating at 3

  1. Sweet!

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I do hope you enjoy the posts.

    BTW, my daughter didn’t come out until she was 15. We had known for years. 🙂


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