The Book – common ground

Ok so, where were we?

Ah yes, I hated it.

I needed a stronger narrative! I needed to look for links in my writing, some common ground that would tell some kind of story that people could relate to. I needed to remove myself enough without losing myself, not an easy task but definitely needed.

I started going back over the text I had already selected and underlined some recurring words, phrases, any common themes I could find. I knew from the start I was telling a love story, that much was obvious, but I needed it to be more than that.

I noticed a huge amount of seasonal references, after all, I had written these pieces of text at various times of the year, talk of blooms, summer skies, falling leaves and bare branches. Talk of death and of life, stripping love back to its bare bones, waves crashing against rib cages and clouds filling skulls…

I had found it.


My book would tell the story of the life and death of love, a relationship through a seasonal cycle, winter through to winter.

I needed my book to be genderless, ageless, referring to myself using only skeletal terms, using what every human being has in common, the bones under our skin.


I began again.

3 thoughts on “The Book – common ground

  1. What an interesting concept. It is so hard when you read your work back and realize its not quite there. I admire your dedication

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    1. Thank you Deb! its something I am so passionate about, with all the pieces of text being written about my past personal relationships, own emotions surrounding love and everything else that comes with it I just had to get it right, not only for myself but for all involved. Its hard trying to make something so personal so relatable to others sometimes.

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