The Book – falling into place

Everything was falling into place, I started marking each piece of text with Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter depending on the mood of the writing, this was tough because as with any type of text it can be interpreted in a thousand ways!

The scary part was the huge contrast between the quantity of Autumn and Winter pieces and Spring/Summer, I guess I was too busy, out living and enjoying the best parts of my relationships to remember to write them down?


Breaking down my text into sections made the process so much clearer, I would then move on to putting each section into an order that told my narrative.

Winter would be the first section of the book, portraying the final moments of the relationship and delving into the aftermath of being alone again.

Spring, when life begins to start again, meeting new people, the caution that follows but the excitement of finding something new.

Summer, hot heat, passion, the height of a new relationship. All the best bits of love, shining as bright and as hot as the sun.

Autumn, the comfortable stage, the part when the excitement starts to fade, and you know all you need to know, the ugly truth of the real relationship with nothing left to hide, then going back into Winter, finishing the cycle.


As well as doing all of this, I began to sketch…

Inspired by my writing I began to create pencil drawings, could this be another element to include in the book? It was too soon to tell but it was definitely another option.

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