The Book – stupid o’clock


Hey everyone! Hope you all are well?

I’m not sure if it’s just me (probably is) but why the hell do I always get creative urges at stupid o’clock? Its ridiculous, without fail, at midnight or later I’d want to drag out the papers and cover the floor to brainstorm, or make a million more notes of options I’ve probably vetoed a thousand times before…

I think I am broken?


Yet all my best work seems to come from nights spent fuelled by coffee, working till I hear the morning birds, its only then do I think…

“shit, what time is it?”

Is this what writing a book is supposed to be like? Because if so, do I really want to write another book after this one?? then again, what is love without sacrifice, and boy have I sacrificed for this.


When are you at your creative best? what drives you to keep going when your mind feels like shutting down? Let me know!

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