The Words – hate me, please

Hate me

Chew on my bones and spit me out

 Make this easier for me

You punish me with your kindness

I know its love but hate me, please

I punched a hole into your chest and ripped out your heart

Are you not mad?

Are you not bitter?

As you tape your ribs back together do you not loathe?

Your eyes still meet mine and I am obliterated

But you still hold me together in your fragile arms

You use your love for me to force a smile

And as we stand there, the shattered and the heartless

You still whisper the words

I love you







5 thoughts on “The Words – hate me, please

      1. Will there be an expansion on this peace? Do you have the other persons take on it (if they now know the reasoning behind said actions)?


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