The Book – visual mess

Ok so I’ve gotten to a bit of a stale state of mind, I’ve really needed something a little more creative to sink my teeth into to kick-start my motivation so, I’m going to strip back the visuals a little from what I was originally going to do, unify the imagery throughout the book to make the thread stronger, punctuating the book with 4/8 creative mixed media collages as to not over power the words and in all fairness steer away from creating a visual mess!

 I’ve always had a forever changing mental image of how I wanted the book to look in terms of illustration, that’s made me my own worse enemy when trying to arrange pages and cement a solid look, winter for example just worked from the get go, I was thrilled with how strong and cohesive it looked and that applied to autumn too! However, trying to get the same feel with spring and summer just wasn’t possible as they just looked too different and yes, I know they are very different seasons, but it was just so jarring, it felt like two different books, so I knew I was going to have to lose winter and autumns layout as much as it would kill me!

 My aim for the next few weeks is to create a small mock-up of my new visual idea and create the college pages and see how it looks, fingers crossed I won’t change my mind…again!


the roses

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