The Story – false memories

It has been weeks now since I last saw your face, I pushed you to the back of my mind and for the most part it worked.

Today I closed my eyes and my mind created an image, a memory that has never been, in this false memory you are there in front of me and my heart stops just a little, everything feels so familiar, stained glass surrounds us and music plays. You are talking to me but I can’t hear you, all I can do is watch your face, I break your speech by throwing my arms around you, I can tell my actions caught you off guard, my body gives in to the feeling of your arms around me and the world stops, my head buried deep into your shoulder, oh how I’ve missed your smell, the way your hand cups the back of my head and there in the fading light of day, I hold you closer than I ever have before.

 I opened my eyes and realised tears had dampened my cheeks, I needed more time, so I closed my eyes once more and sank back into the moment, I couldn’t see your face, but I could tell you were crying too, I clenched my eyes shut for as long as I could to be with you, safe with you, home.

i knew it wasn’t real but i didn’t care, I lifted my head from your shoulder, whispered into your ear like you once did to me and said…

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