The Book – blank spaces

The book is looking a little like my life now, full of blank spaces. I did however give some friends the chance to read the current mock-up to mixed but overall positive reviews! One of the comments I received has stayed in my mind since and that was that they thought there were a few blank spaces, holes in the story as it were. at first I was a little offended, how dare anyone say anything bad about my precious work, my heart and soul is in there and everyone should see that surely? after I came back down to earth and got down from my high horse and remembered that people are allowed an opinion that differs to mine, I sat back and really analysed what I had brought to the table so far and really looked at it, I read it and re-read it, I pulled it apart and put it back together again and only when my mind was fresh could I see them, little pauses, some needed and others too vacant, too vast. 

 Right now I am single and for the most part I am totally ok with that, I have always been a very independent person, I grew up so fast and I am so stubborn and selfish, perfectly designed to spend a lot of time alone but lately I have noticed myself trying to fill spaces, voids that he left, not many of  my attempts have been healthy or productive, to be honest I can be pretty destructive when I feel a void within myself, these traits seem to crop up in my book as the spaces my friend noticed, a perfect mirror image of the things I have gone through lately and I guess they slipped into the book during these periods of destruction, emptiness and most of all, loneliness. Part of me wants to keep these spaces as a true reflection of my life but I feel that it would be detrimental to the story I am trying to tell; sometimes true reality really is just a little too real.

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