The Story – cheating on me

His phone left my hand and landed on the bed next to his sleeping head, my mind gave me no time to care what the weather was doing and my eyes wouldn’t let me focus on the clothes I was throwing on my back, my hand let go of the door handle, it slammed louder than it ever had and I thought for sure that it would wake him. I thought I’d receive a call or a text asking where I’d got to but nothing happened. It was raining, and I felt aimless, tears slipping into raindrops down my face, avoiding people’s eyes as my feet pounded the streets, my mind replaying the same line –

“if only he knew who I was really thinking about.”

After a while I found myself walking back into our apartment, he was still sleeping, in a split second my case was on the bed and my hands were clawing my clothes from the wardrobe.

He sat up, face a whirlwind of confusion, his mouth stuttering words trying to grasp answers to my actions.

All the rage I had held in for the 3 hours exploded from my chest as I screamed, all I could repeat was the same questions, over and over,

“do you think I am fucking stupid?”

the panic splattered his face like fresh paint,

“well?” I screamed, “do you?”

My tears had evaporated in the heat of my anger,

“texting my ex-boyfriend, really?”

6 thoughts on “The Story – cheating on me

  1. Really? Saying that he was “thinking” about someone… is that really cheating? I mean don’t get me wrong texting your ex is …. odd. I feel like the whole story isn’t here?

    And if he’s caused the pain that comes across from this peace why in the last piece did it seem like you long for him and miss him even now that (I presume) it’s over ???


    1. As with most stories, Alex, I imagine the whole story will unfold and present itself eventually. Though texting his ex doesn’t necessarily count as cheating, “thinking” about him does seem rather strange. Thinking about him when? During the day? When they are in bed? Whilst doing intimate things? It does feel like a betrayal of trust.


    2. Like most of my posts this is only a small snippet of the event, he was thinking about my Ex in a sexual way during intimate moments with me. Growing up has allowed me to be able to look back and still cherish the good moments in life regardless of the bad. There is always a balance of good and bad in life, we just have to learn how to hold onto the good and let go of the bad. Again thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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    3. If I’m not mistaken he was texting the ex and implying he was thinking of him rather than his current boyfriend, which is over stepping the line.
      Are you telling me that you would be ok with that? The reaction given was justified. I’d be hurt too.

      As for the post before – of course it was more positive. The story is the progression and decline of a relationship so it’s only natural for the earlier posts to be positive. Think it through.


      1. Of course not. It wouldn’t be ok and nothing excuses cheating. But it just seems…. odd that a current bf would cheat with his bf’s ex. Like that sort of thing doesn’t even happen on TV.

        That and there’s always two sides to every story.


  2. In response to Alex’s last comment – You’re right, nothing excuses cheating and there are most definitely two sides to every story. However it sounds like you are trying to justify this person making moves on his current partners ex, that’s just bizarre and the lowest of the low. You don’t do something like that period. It speaks volumes about the partner in this post:


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