My Story Is Mine Alone

We are all living and breathing writers, we are writing our life stories every single second that we remain alive. The story is our own, we own it because we live it, we love it and we hate it and we chose it, we plant the seeds and we water them, some grow and others die but this is the garden of our lives, like our fingerprints we all differ and not one single one of us are perfect, we hurt people and we make mistakes that become the blocks to structures we build as we move forward. My story is mine alone and though we share it and it grows alongside others, there will only ever be one version of it and we are all free to do with that as we please.

My blog is the bulk behind what I do, it’s the backbone to the poetry I have made and without it there would be no Life And Death Of Love, Yes my blog is personal and it talks about all my past relationships, some are longer than others and some much more bittersweet but lived through it I have and my story I will tell, the good and the bad of both parties, my demons and mistakes and everything else in-between. I have experienced so much love over the years and I cherish each of my past lovers in their own special way for the lessons I have learned.

I feel many people fear honesty and more so the honesty of others like myself, it has not been to everyone’s liking lately and I feel my posts have been viewed as unfair. My blog is telling my story and is a natural progression and in no way does it state that I am perfect or better than anyone else as up and coming posts will show, everything posted so far however has come from an honest place and has been a real experience in my life, I keep my posts completely anonymous and I focus on all aspects of the person I was dating including the parts I fell in love with and still look upon fondly to this day. I refuse to cherry pick only highlights and paint people including myself in fake light and that will only become more apparent as my blog progresses.

Until then I urge you all to stay strong, stay true to your own story and remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion and trust me they will have one but the only opinions that matter are from the people who matter and if they don’t then it isn’t worth shit.

Peace out!

4 thoughts on “My Story Is Mine Alone

  1. Honesty they say is mute but yours is blessed with a ferocious growl that is at once searing and scary yet grounded and very real. I agree with you on all accounts completely. My Story can truly be mine only whether you like or not, whether you agree with or not. Beautiful words!


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