The Story – mr. bump

I remember calling my ex that day for an explanation, I needed to know why he played his part, what was so bad about his current relationship that he would risk ruining not only his but mine as well.

His fella had found out too and walked out, I stayed.

looking back now I’m not sure what held me there, but something did.

Was it love? Was it faith? Was it stupidity?

I tried to leave, but I couldn’t get further than the front door, I didn’t even finish packing my case, but I couldn’t let him touch me, the thought of it made me feel sick, made me feel like a fool. I was a fool, I was the joke in the situation.

While I was prepared to try work past this with my boyfriend, my ex however went from my friend to my enemy in the blink of an eye. He had broken every friendship rule ever created and he was dead to me or at least I thought he was.

I had dated Mr Bump briefly before the boy in black, it was short but honey-sweet.

My feet were blistering in my new shoes.

He wasn’t like his picture, but I expected that, not that I had really seen it being such a small picture and a fake one at that.

I didn’t care, I liked him, I was instantly comfortable in his presence and something about him made me feel warm.

Who would have thought that our relationship would begin with the words,

“Can we buy some plasters?” 

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