The Story – separate tracks

We never did get it right did we? yet you are still around, looking back at the jumbled history that is us, it’s hard to put the pieces together, harder than all the rest. Maybe we were too complicated to comprehend? maybe there is just too much to remember? my mind presenting memories like a scrambled power point presentation, just a list, no timeline, no structure, confused and conflicted…

You named my fishes

Tickled me till I fell off the bed

Late to the cinema, late all the time

Running for busses

Texting my boyfriend

The pool where you kissed me

Pure happiness

Wearing the t-shirt, you let me keep

Little Lego me and you

That kiss against the wardrobe

Stripped in passion on the sofa

The venom in the voice messages

Two busses and a taxi for forgiveness

The night you made me feel like no one else was in the bar

The night I almost hit you in that very same bar

The time I brought you donuts while you were working

A question that we never answer

The night my heart sank when you told me he was the one

Opening the text that ended it all

Knowing that you want me still

Forever the wrong time

Two trains, separate tracks

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