The Words – black widow

IMG_20180814_000122_128Yes, I did it paint me red

Turn the light on let them come

A criminal in every sense

A shark

A snake


You crowned me the king of ice

Because I didn’t feel a thing

Not Regret nor Love nor shame

A cheat

A beast


He’s the best I ever had

And you just would never compare

Always Leaving them at home




I can lie as good as you

Weaving webs with faulty facts

A hypocrite in every sense

A black



5 thoughts on “The Words – black widow

    1. The best thing to do is be active! i post on all my social media to let friends and others know i have posted something new! i also have links to my blog on everything i can. I often search words like ‘poem’ in the discover section to find other blogs to follow and interact with! i hope this helps you 🙂


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