for Life or just for Now?

Love, love, love…


How do we know when its right? I mean besides the age old saying of,


               ‘when you know, you just know’


Because you see, I thought I knew before and the time before that and well I guess to some extent all the times before. I was wrong.


I’ve had the butterflies a thousand times, guys who I’ve had great connections with between the sheets, you know, when the sexual chemistry is so strong that you know what each other needs with just a look? I’ve stuck it out, given the benefit of the doubt, begged for forgiveness and prayed they would never leave. I’ve moved in, they’ve moved in. lasted 5 years, lasted 3 years, a year, 6 months, popped the question and worn the ring, met pets, bought pets, built a life and met the family but still I get it wrong, or maybe they do, or both?


Not just that but how do we know that we aren’t settling even after deciding it’s right? You see it all the time, folks getting married and a few years in it goes to shit because they were never actually right for each other or maybe just grew up or apart, folk that get trapped and long for a different life, bound by money, houses and children. Then on the flip side there are those who are so deeply in love that it hurts to look at them, those souls that are so intertwined that if you stripped it down it would look like complete DNA, those who truly ‘just knew’. I guess if the old saying is right then one day all of these questions will be answered when I meet the one and ‘just know’ but until then all I can do is ask,


                               When do you know its right for life and not just right for now?   


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