A Letter To You (I’m Happy)

You think that I am unhappy because I am living a life I once frowned upon at the age of 17, a life I had no clue could be so freeing and liberating, I was so judgemental back then. That was 10 years ago, during that time I have been chained to so many of the wrong men that living the life I have been for the last 4 months, plus little bits here and there in between relationships has felt amazing, nothing but me and my friends, meeting new exciting people, taking trips and holidays, yes, meeting guys for just a night or maybe more, days spent writing at home with coffee and my cats, being 100% myself…

Yes, our lives have changed and yes it may seem like I’m living a life I once said I never would, but in all honesty, it was just a life I never knew I needed.

You know I’ve never been much of a planner, and I will always be a free-thinker. My Aries ways make me ‘do now’ and ‘think later’ (often getting me into trouble) but it is who I am. I will continue to live in the now and think about it later because life is too short! My dad passing away suddenly at the age of 53 taught me that.

So yes my life is different to yours, I’m still at home with my Grandad and my two cats, I have had two serious relationships since you and both have failed, I’ve done what feels like a thousand jobs and can now be a store manager, my body is covered in tattoos and my hair is bright blue, I still have stacks of fashion mag’s that I don’t read, I’m still messy and own too many shoes and though I’ve grown up in many ways I’m still exactly the same. I don’t know what you are doing with your life, I don’t know where you live, I don’t know if you are dating, engaged or even married, do for work or what you like to do in your free time, I don’t know what your dreams are or what plans you have made, places you have visited or things you have seen and I don’t know if you still think of me but whatever it is you are doing, just be happy and focus on being your best self because I sure am.37144001_2168549603418378_4845121914781302784_o

5 thoughts on “A Letter To You (I’m Happy)

  1. Reblogged this on Jokes galore and commented:
    I sence you’re happ.Myself i came from an abusive childhood now in my thirty’s life has been good to me.Meeting people wasn.t always easy for me do to trust isues and anger from being adopted.The adoption taking me away from my mom bitterness overcame me because my only source of love was gone.In my liufe I always lived knowing good thingsa would come my way if I just do the right thing,and it did.but what i’m expressing is just know life gets better,keep bloging and doing what makes you happy,succeed and be great at doing it.


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