The Story – mr tease pt2

LINK TO PT1  The Story – mr tease !

He kissed me, and I kissed him, and the world fell away, when I came back to my senses all I could do was fumble for words but before I could say anything he was already talking,

“look, I think you are a great guy, I can tell we could have a great time, but I know you have a boyfriend and I know you aren’t ready to leave him”

I shook my head, eyes glazed and staring at him, (what was happening)

“and when you are ready to leave him, I won’t be around”

I gestured for him to put his ear closer to my mouth, so he would hear me over the music,

“I know” I replied, it’s all I could say,

He smiled at me, shrugged then disappeared back into the crowd, I just stood there, confused, conflicted and very, very drunk….

He was right, I wasn’t ready to leave the boy in black, we had been through so much and I wasn’t about to quit now for a guy I hardly knew, though part of me would always cling on to ‘what if’….

It would be many years till I met Mr Tease again but that’s a story for another day.

I woke up, the light stung my eyes, mouth as dry as sand and all I could taste was garlic on my tongue, I looked down at myself the best I could, I was laid on top of the quilt with one shoe on, jeans around my ankles and top around my neck. My brain was trying to punch its way out of my skull and my stomach felt like a wasteland, I must have gone hard after my kiss with Tease, but that was the past now, I had to focus all my energy on getting back on track and moving on with my life and The Boy in Black, once this horrendous hangover was finished with me that is! 

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