The Words – bastard in Paris (poem)


All you did was take but what more could I give to you?

You already had me bleeding and not sleeping because of you

I guess I knew when you called me a ‘bastard’ in Paris

That whatever me and you once had died on that bridge

All the time I’m plastering a smile on my social’s

while in Spain you had me cause a scene in front of the locals

And as I sat that night alone in front of the ocean

I said a silent prayer hoping I’d wake with a notion

I didn’t

And yes, I called you name’s, but you always deserved them

Waking me up at three shouting “tell the fucking truth then”

I told you the fucking truth, day one till the end

And yes, I had a coffee with my ex, my fucking friend

And what? Who you texting? why keep your phone in a draw?

Always telling me you don’t want to love me no more

You said in hate ‘no wonder everyone always leaves you’

Had me screaming in your face “walk out the door, go, please do”

Ungrateful, distasteful, hateful and selfish

Just a few words to describe something that turned pretty hellish

But this is just my side and I’m just showing the worst parts

Plenty of times were beautiful we both loved with full hearts

But it wasn’t enough, I wasn’t enough, didn’t let you in enough

Stepping over the line again and again until I’d had enough

The end

But when you spent five days fucking that guy

You had the nerve to run to me, your ex-boyfriend and cry

What the fuck did you expect me to say?

Lend you my shoulder, make your mistakes go away?

We weren’t even together but he was a guy from my past

Why choose him to rebound with and let him tap ass?

Then you blamed me for decisions you made

Because I took some lame pills and wanted my grave

Yes, I’m sorry for that, I made a mistake

On the phone to you as I started to fade

You came for me you got on busses and trains

Called the ambulance, I put you through so much pain

But I’m not to blame for those things that you did

It’s not my choice who you decide to spend your nights with

I guess I’ve said enough now so I’ll leave it at this

I still wish you the best after you took the piss

And I’ll never forget the first day that we met

Holding you all those nights you would breakdown and fret

That look in your eyes when I said the words back

And hearing your voice as it all went black

I still want to thank you for all that you did

And wish you bliss with the new guy that you’re with.

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