Autumn – stripping me (poem)


As I look to the sky with blurry sight, I think to myself, you were probably right
have I lost control of my life?
And as Autumn strips the leaves from trees
This season is stripping me
As I look towards this empty field, I ask myself, when will I heal?
Have I lost the ability to feel?
And like the rain falling from the sky
Tears start to fall from my eyes
As I look at my palms battered and bruised, I wonder how I came to lose
Am I just losing my screws?
And with each blow from the cutting wind
My tattooed skin thinned
As I scream out loud naked and raw, I remember how It felt before
knowing I can’t go back anymore
And in this thickening mud I cannot stay
I let my old self turn to clay

7 thoughts on “Autumn – stripping me (poem)

  1. Hey, just noticed that I’m posting as “Sparks” which is a new blog a friend and I are creating–but it’s not up yet. It will be a blog that shares writing prompts and invites folks to share their writing–hopefully a writers’ forum will develop. My other blog is Wild Imaginings by Nancy Schoellkopf. All the best–n


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