Say Cheese!


Hey everyone! I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and my post’s and really introduce myself! That me up there in the picture above…Now a few of you may feel you know a little or even a lot about me from my posts, they are very honest, somewhat brutally so! I apologise for that, but again thank you! Your comments and likes really help boost my confidence in what I do and I hope I continue to entertain you all. You may have noticed a sudden increase in the use of a picture in each of my latest posts, just something extra I’m trying out and I want to take it one step further! I want to let you into my life a little more, show my creative process and some of my sketch work ect. I do have a Instagram for my blog but it recently got hacked and most of my post’s deleted so I gathered why not post them, with a little description on my actual blog! Makes sense right? If you want to check out my insta anyway feel free! I am building it back up and that’s @thelifeanddeathoflove and my personal insta is @serialoverthinker but yes, get ready to see plenty of cat selfies, pictures of coffee shops and shots of mountains of papers! Wishing you all a great day! RJ

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