Diary Entry 2 – rambling (aged 18)

Yesterday I realised just how many little thing we miss in life-like how water rejects milk and pushes it up into the air into a perfect little white pearl, I realised how a look shared often enough, just one little look can make you smile for days and that you can’t win everything but when we hold onto what we do have, that makes us all winners. I learnt to beware of the curse that falls on young lovers, it will turn them to hunters, I found that a person needs me more than I ever knew and that I speak with words that aren’t really from the heart, they are just a mirror to his needs. I discovered that my blue shoes are breaking, and that anger still rages through young blood, but fighting Is never the answer. Today I realised my handwriting is truly terrible, smiling improves the mind and I should smile more.

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