Shit Talk

Shit talk has always been something that has followed me from one relationship to the next, I’m not sure what that says about the guys I’ve dated but I’m sure it’s nothing good. The thing with shit talking is it is exactly that, shit, fake news picked up and pieced together from stalked social media and even my own blog! It reeks of the distant hopes and desperation to get some kind of upper hand, to help win a war that doesn’t exist. When did people just stop allowing others to be happy? When did people stop focusing on their own futures and relationships? is it really that difficult to just accept it didn’t work, let go of any grudges and just keep it moving?

The way I see it is, if I’m constantly running around with my ex’s name in my mouth, when does that leave my mouth free for kissing someone new? Someone better!

I’m in a place where I can glance back at my past relationships and not dwell on them or the people involved. What do I gain from wasting time talking or thinking about my past men? Nothing but a headache, and yes, my blog focuses on my past relationships but that’s different, that’s contained and is only a snapshot of memories or experiences.

At the end of the day I’m a single guy just enjoying life…

Am I free to see or date who I like? Yes.

Am I seeing someone special? I hope so…

Am I still thinking about you? No.

I am happy.

To me that’s all that matters, everything else is just shit talk.

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