Knock’a’Window Fun

My eyes open, my mind racing. 

My lamp still on, I’d passed out again.


Silence, all I can hear is the pounding of my heart.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

No I wasn’t dreaming, someone really was knocking on my bedroom window.

I’m scared now, I slither over to my lamp and turn it off.

Sat in the darkness I wait.

The shadow walks past again and slowly I make my way over to my blinds.

I pull them back slowly and there he is, stood looking right at me.

My neighbour.

He notions with his head for me to come round and then he’s gone.

I scramble in the dark for my bed shorts, heart in my mouth.

WTF was happening?

I unlock my door gently as to not wake my Grandad.

Walking barefoot around my house to his door where he is waiting for me.

“I’ve been out and thought what the hell, I want you”

I didn’t reply as I stepped inside.

He smelt like youth and cigarettes.

My knock’a’Window fun. 


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