Who Needs Love Anyway…

shades on my eyes as I look to the sky

so the dragonflies dont mock the bags that they hide

yeah I didn’t sleep much just an hour or two 

once id passed out from overthinking of you

thinking of love and all that it brings 

the hours or screaming and breaking of things

and all of the times that I spat out lies 

while the me in my head sat there smiling wide

see, I never did manage to make it all work 

not with you or with them, without all getting hurt 

and you say that you love me and say it again 

while my belly hurts, memories drilled into my brain

of times when your hands held me closer to you 

and of times when our love never felt so new 

your body on mine whiskey fulling my mind

intertwined while love began making us blind 

to what was inevitable, burned into the sky 

like the gods were determined to see our love die 

and we did…

and that tore at my heart, like a knife 

so now though it hurts by new rules I abide 

I shut it all out any feelings of love 

convince myself that I myself am enough

because who needs love anyway…

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