Confiding in me sat in KFC, the woman he had been dating had been hot and cold for weeks now. It was late, he had been working as usual, I still remember the look in his eyes as they searched my face for answers.

“just get rid of her and pull yourself together” I advised, my voice ringing with frustration! “she obviously isn’t worth it and you deserve much better” 

He took another bite of his chicken burger, sauce dripping down to the tray below. Defeated, he looked up.

“I wish your old man could be as strong as you son”

a sadness in his voice I had hardly ever heard, we sat there in silence for a while, we did that often though we both knew we cared. 

“URGH!” I exclaimed dropping gravy down my hoodie.

“well that was clever wasn’t it Dopey” he said, smirk slipping onto his face.

We laughed…

For the first time in the longest time.

You see, KFC will never quite be the same for me but I still go sometimes and sit in that very same spot by the window and as I dip my food into my gravy I think about him and smile.

Still dopey

Still his son

Still missing him.

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