WOW how this post was supposed to be something totally different…

Now its just sad..

It was supposed to tell the story of how on my first date with Mr Monkey Face, we got drunk and I was super hungry and he offered me some slowcooker pork but forgot to take out the bones and drunk me almost choked on one and that it made him embarrassed and me laugh to talk about…

Now I guess it’s just going to be a story that makes my ‘great first date list’ it’s just a shame, a massive shame that it’s not going to be part of a bigger story. 

Waking up in his bed felt safe.

He felt safe and I also wanted him to feel safe too.

I wanted him to know how special I thought he was, how I wanted him to believe me when i called him handsome and worthy of more. 

I just wanted HIM. 

…but sometimes we can’t have what we want and god how i am used to that by now.

He said he would get the few things I left at his together, i told him to just throw them out, they are just things, replaceable things and besides, i don’t want ot waste anymore of my life on Leeds! It’s already taken enough from me. 

I just wish him well, i hope he can find a guy who can look at him the way i did and him see them, really see them looking back. 


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