So, my Ex, someone I consider a friend got into a relationship (Facebook official) and everything lately and I was so disappointed in him.

I was taken back but ultimately unaffected more so because I had heard nothing about this guy or even that he was seeing anyone, all while making comments about me moving closer to him and wishing he was the one paying me the same attention that I sometimes get from men on social media. He even joked that we couldn’t have a catch up because i had been on a date with someone.

I was happy for him! We had already wore out a thousand moments and he had finally found his! I just wish he had thought me friend enough to let me in about it and find out just how supportive I would have been! Rather than having to see a picture of them together plastered all over Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat!

I’m unaffected because I know he isn’t the guy for me. 

I am unaffected because I know that what i need he can’t provide for me.

I am unaffected because I am happy for my friend and his future. 

And I am unaffected because i know i will eventually find mine…


2 thoughts on “Unaffected

  1. I think it’s amazing that you’re working to be a published author; I believe you’ll do well. I have enjoyed reading it.


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