Spilling My Guts

So!! It’s February…

Spring is almost here, a new year and another new start…right?

Painted my room, bought new sheets, changed my hair and cleared out my wardrobe (after much struggle) Started my own little business, booked flights to Denmark, cut some people out my life and booked a few tattoos.

Life in general is great and so is my sex life, my love life however not so much. Now dont get me wrong, I’m not saying its bad in anyway its just much of the same, though I’m not doing a lot to change the fact either. I am very content. I am my own white knight on my own white horse and there isn’t anything more powerful than that.

Am I still on dating sites including Grinder? yes I am although Tinder is a graveyard filled with posers, fakes, ghosts and conversations that were killed long ago, a game of snap, nothing more than a way to kill time and by this point I am pretty over it and Grinder…well I think we all know the main use for that right? Right…haha

In other news it seams like this year so far has been a year of firsts! My first item of white clothing bought in years, I’ve topped two guys so far! (definitely still a bottom) and also tried my first threesome that I also said I would never try and insisted was not my thing, would I rush to jump back into bed with more than one guy, probably not but I can definitely tick it off my list as something I have tried and enjoyed!

So, I guess this concludes my quick update on where I am at currently, I have really fallen off the blogging waggon and have stopped using notebooks too! this has to change this year, I want to be consistent so I may have to pick a one night a week where I post! Lets see if I can keep it up. 

Thanks for reading

Ryon x 

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