Bottle Cap

I’m walking round my home town pulling the night around me.

It’s empty and I’m lonely but I keep on walking blindly, like I’m walking with my eyes closed but my feet know these streets so fondly.

You know me, well at least you knew me and I let you loiter inside my mind for the longest time and further down the line I know I’ll exhale you like smoke.

I wont choke like I did before, though you wont notice that just like those words I wrote on a note for you and I did love you I can admit to that and now in my hand sits the bottle cap that I’ve been carrying around like a ball and chain, drilled, fused inside my brain.

For a second my eyes glance upon the street drain and my feet stand still and so does my heart but my fingers refuse to part with it. 

The bottle cap slips back into my bag and I slip further into the night, further out of site with you on my mind. 



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