A Magpie Salute

His eyes have a fire that I could sit and watch forever and he hugs me like he never wants to let me go. Slightly broken and beautiful, I’m not all that sure where he came from or how it even happened but I’m so glad it did!

They say that when you know you just know and this is 100% a case of that. As you all know I have had my fair share of FAILED attempts at dating over the last 3 years and if I’m honest I’d just stopped giving a shit and hardly felt anything for anyone anymore…that was until now. Comfortable is probably the best word to describe how he makes me feel. When I’m around him, I find myself being my whole self and not some strange mirror image of the person sat in front of me, I make sarcastic remarks, lame jokes, burp and poke fun, we tell each other to fuck off (with love of course) and I let his eyes see me stripped completely bare.

Walls? What walls? With him I don’t seem to have any at all and that is terrifying, beautifully so and speaking of beautiful, I’ve never felt more so because he reminds me every day. Every day he helps keep the mask away from my face and I’ve never been made to feel as important in my whole life. 

Right now all I can do is smile and it has been a very long time coming. Thanks to him, everyone from my past just seems so far away and irrelevant, exactly as they should be, he tells me he’s so lucky to have me but I truly feel that it is the other way around. 

When he looked into my eyes for the first time, his eyes on fire and smile across his face, I knew he could see me for who I truly am and it steals my breath every time, so as I stood and watched him from the landing window dressed in his favourite hoodie while he sat smoking in the garden, saluting the morning magpie, I knew then I wanted him and this feeling to last forever. 

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