Time is a valuable thing. We abuse it and ignore it, try to beat it and slow it, speed it up and drop it and never can stop it.

Maybe if we learn we can use it for good, protect it and use it for all that it’s worth like a teacher in school like a book full of words, let it teach us and gift us with knowledge and worth.

Wasting our days with lovers that hurt us regardless of the lessons all the heartache has taught us, regret it, repeat it and tell ourselves lies to avoid all the hours we wasted for pride. 

Sometimes you want to go backwards, explain, all the things that you said on that day out of pain, regret it, repeat it and tell yourself lies to make you feel better about making them cry.

But the time that you waste can’t recover you see and we keep moving forward out of curiosity, missed opportunities haunting our minds as time flies and it winds and it chimes like heartbeats through our lives. 




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