Hey! I hope everyone is doing well? Wow, what a crazy time to be alive! Lockdown in the UK is almost at the end after 3 months of staying in our homes, avoiding others and restricted access to all we are accustomed to! I don’t know about you lot but I started lockdown with ease and I adapted really well, that was until time really dragged on and the lack of social interaction really hit hard, I’m such a social person that not seeing my friends for coffee and drinks, having chance to really talk and vent made me almost blow my top! It made me appreciate what I have so much more and I’m actually so very excited to get back to work and really reconnect with the people I love! Speaking of love, the guy I’ve been talking to for a while asked me to be his officially during lockdown and I couldn’t have been happier, he changed my whole outlook on so many things and that has really gotten me through the hardest parts of lockdown for sure, coming at the perfect time too for the both of us. We all need that bit of light in times like these and we really need to cling to as much good as we can. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder and it’s times like this in our lives that we realise that the most. I wouldn’t say that the people I keep around me define me but I have felt a little less complete without them there just like I have also discovered that a video call just isn’t the same, doesn’t quite fill the void that real interaction fills. 

So this is just a little glimpse into where I am at right now and I will elaborate soon but just know I am grateful for my family and friends, in love with the man I was lucky enough to discover and excited for what life after lockdown brings!

Stay Safe! Stay Connected to those you love! 

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