Worth Saving

You told me I was special, so why did you keep walking away?

Leaving me to wait around as if you were coming back to save me.

You told me I was one of a kind and I told you that I can’t wait in this line.

Can’t keep defending your lies and your crimes.

This time when you come back I wont be here wasting my time.

I’ll be in the arms of a man who thinks I’m worth saving. 

He thinks I’m amazing and he’s slowly replacing your wrongs.

So baby keep going through your men and I’ll be ok this time.

He won’t let me go so easy. 

No, he needs me and knows there isn’t another like me.

Believes me and really sees me.

So much distance between me and your last words.

Just know before you fully go that I was worth saving.

By someone who deserves it.


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