The Conversation

Wanna sit here? It’s been a while I know.
I’ve been busy being someone’s future.
(sips coffee)
It’s all so insane to me and I’ve never had this feeling before.
He doesn’t mind that I speak my mind, he likes that.
(looks down with a smirk)
Almost fucked it up? Absolutely he did but we worked through that.
Of course, I was devastated but I love him.
I just couldn’t walk away from something this good.
Nah I’m not like that anymore, I’m changing for the better.
Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and seen the future?
I hadn’t till now.
Him? I hadn’t even thought about him till you just mentioned him.
No, the funny thing is, I don’t need anything else at all.
(clutches his hoodie strings)
Yeah, I’m still at my grandads but that’s going to change next year.
Ha-ha funny you should ask; it was far from conventional.
Yeah work is good, plodding along there but if I have to change I will.
Christmas? I actually can’t wait to spend it with him this year.
There is just something about the way he looks at me.
(checks the time)
The question has been burning the tip of my tongue for a while now.
When you know you just know.
(grins like the Cheshire Cat)
Right, well I should probably get going, I’ll give you a call in the week.
(gets up to leave)
Let’s not leave it as long next time, let me know how the date goes ok?

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