I Wrote A Book (update)

So, it’s happening! My book is becoming a reality. I’m actually going to see my book in print. Don’t get me wrong I still have a lot to do, images to select, edit and place, a few sections to thin down or bulk up but for the most part it is all coming together and what is even better is that my man is going to play a part in the printing process.

My book cover mock-up is almost finalised, paper print tests for paper selection are underway and book merch ideas are being thrown around.

This book has been writing itself for years and years now and I’ve never been happier to see the outcome of one of my projects. Hours and hours of my time, 5am bedtimes and screen light blurred eyes all in the name of love.

SO…what is it actually about?

My book is made up of poetry I have written before, during and after my relationships over the years. Picking up a pen after every first date, explosive fight, perfect moment or crashing ending, putting them all together to tell the narrative of love from beginning to end.

No gender



A seasonal cycle, winter through to winter sees the Life and Death of Love in all its glory.

My book is all that is imperfect, all that is hidden and all that is truly honest.

Are relationships easy? No.

Would I want them to be? Not at all.

If they were easy, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.


The end of a relationship hits like the coldest chill of winter

We are dead, skeletal

And for a time, we have nothing left to give

We wait and we wait

It is silent and silence really is deafening.

6 thoughts on “I Wrote A Book (update)

  1. Good luck. It’s no easy thing to write a book. It sounds fun, your book. Maybe send a free copy to someone like Philip Schofield and try and get yourself some promo time on TV? Sell more.


  2. Congratulations!! How exciting, I recently began writing a book of poetry this year a well. It’s a collection of poems from my growth out of depression these past two years and finding happiness. Hopefully it comes together as swimmingly as yours has haha
    xo Bri


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