That’s Their Opinion

What is love? What does love mean to you? Do you crave it? Have you already obtained it? I asked a variety of people what love meant to them and this is what they had to say!

VH – Unconditional.

AL – Companionship, trust, affection and loyalty.

KC – What’s love got to do with it?

JB – A desire to fill your past, present and future with someone.

JS – Never having to apologise for being who you are.

RB – A feeling you cannot describe, it could mean to some people a sense of belonging. It could make someone feel complete but for me love isn’t just one thing, it’s a multitude of different things such as sadness, anger, happiness and laughter.

KR – Home, comfort, safety, unconditional and strength.

LM – A complete perpetual understanding and acceptance of yourself. Willingness to be at your most vulnerable and at the same time your most confident with another human being.

JH – If i can spend hours with someone, not feeling the need to say a word and feel completely comfortable and happy if they feel the same, that’s love.

AK – Love is questionable. Each has their own kind of love for another, an item or a place. It’s unique to themselves. In common its a sense of belonging, knowing that you can go there whenever you want or need and always have the peace of mind.

TR – My artist perspective of love; Look at yourself as a colour. You may not be everybody’s favourite but one day you will meet someone who needs you to complete their picture.

LC – An unflattering willingness to go above and beyond what your own perceived capabilities allow.

CF – Love is special, it comes in all different amounts, however with someone you consider your soul mate you should forever think of them, they should be constantly on your mind. If you are a good fit you will be the same person just in different bodies. Love can be hard and difficult and you will have your downs because no relationship is ever perfect. You will still crave their company and love them as much as you have ever loved before.

GR – It is coming home, quiet and soft. Steady ground, an underlying peace. Accepting, comforting, fluffy blankets and hot coffee. It’s that place to go for reassurance, a shelter, a confidant, a muse. It’s fulfilling and light, warming like ginger biscuits and tea. It’s being able to breathe, release. A vulnerability. A point on a map when you’re a little lost. Gentle. Knowing someone’s got you, calm and cosy like snuggling into a new dressing gown. I want to be your fluffy blanket, your hot coffee, ginger biscuits and tea. I wanna wrap myself around you like a dressing gown, cosy.

Me – what does love mean to me? I guess that depends on what side of the love table I am sitting at. Right now love is just painful, consuming and absent. If I’d have answered this question at the start of the year I’d have probably said something like, exhilarating and hopeful, love is hope, that we can walk forward into life and know we are not alone, just a compass and a willing accomplice. I’ve always believed in love, hopeless romantic to the core but believing can only get you so far. Right now I have no idea what love means to me, I’ll let you know once I find it.

2 thoughts on “That’s Their Opinion

  1. Love this. For me personally, love is what you have when there’s somebody in your life you can ALWAYS count on. My boyfriend is always here for me whether I’m sick, tired, depressed, lazy, lonely, or anything else, and he always delivers. Love him so much. Nice post!

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