February Reflection

February was filled with so many tribulations, indecisiveness and uncertainty about my future, my direction, my work, my social life and the way I treat myself and how I value myself. I have been introduced and on some occasions reintroduced to what holds me back, to what prevents me form doing things the way I would want to do them. Friends and others in my life have been helpful when it comes to making decisions and some helped encourage me when I truly needed it. Usually I’m the one who encourages others, who listens and guides but I needed that push for sure! After choking back tears in a hospital bed I realised that February taught me so much more about my limits, my values, my worth and what I need right now. I feel ready to step into March with a clearer vision of my blockages, weaknesses and flaws, I know what I need to work on. February was pretty intense and challenging but I know soon enough I’ll have a clearer perception of what happened and what I went through.

I’m not sure what March will bring but I know I need to go easy on myself, I need to learn to breathe and remember that I will always be enough. I need to cut the strings and losses that tie me down and hold me back from the happiness I deserve. I need to guard my best interests and let go of mental comparisons and burdens. Onwards, that’s the only way for me.

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