Too Old For This Shit

Cold coffee from a cup off the floor is all I need in this inner war

and the drugs didn’t work and the sofa was cold

check my phone, do some needed damage control

fuck, wasn’t meant to let all of my feelings show

It’s my birthday soon I’m getting old

the sun is too bright, where are my shades?

my ankles ache, I wore stupid shoes again!

was it 5am or 6 when I finally found sleep?

either way, my eyes are too blurry to see

take a snap, post it quick so i dont forget and miss it

wait, who the hell last had my keys?

a sea of bottles and cups and my hair is a mess

fuck! I should have drank so much less

one more cigarette before I hit the road

and bus it alone

am I still fucked? I just wanna be home

I really am too old for this shit…

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