The Things I Miss

I am hoping that if I write them all down then I wont miss them anymore.

Purge them out from the corners of my mind so I can start again.


Being told I look beautiful, even when I’ve just woken up.

Having someone to call beautiful.

A hand on my thigh in the car.

Arms around my waist while washing dishes in the kitchen.

Driving into the unknown while singing loud.

Having that one person to check my notifications for.

Smoking under the stars with somebody.

Laughing over milk sandwiches.


Happy songs on my ‘on repeat’ playlist on Spotify.

The sound of a guitar.

Overeating trifle in bed together.

Comfortable silence.

The sound of the ocean while holding hands.

Snoring that sounds like a truck to fall asleep to.

Complete intimacy, neck kisses, skin on skin.

Picnics by the riverside, muddy boots and falling over.

Deep conversation about hopes and dreams.

Hearing the words ‘I love you’ .

Having someone to love.

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