God’s & Pedestals

You put me on a pedestal held up so high but up here I have no advantage

I’m holding the stars saying hello to the moon but I’m further away from you

Plant my feet firmly on the ground so I can see you from my favourite spot

Eye to eye

As we drink whiskey around a red tablecloth

Laughing into the night

I cover my skin with images of the God’s as a reminder of my humanity

I am no God

Just a boy from a mining town

Who cries and lies and despises how much he overthinks his own mind

I am no Adonis

I have lines upon my thighs and scars that aren’t mine on the inside

I have cracks like those ancient sculptures and I know you can see them

Cracked and a little broken but full of love and normality

Lets pour out a glass

Eye to eye

Around the red tablecloth

Let me show you my reality

I deserve no pedestal so please let me come down from the sky

I’ll bring you down a moon and a star and place them inside your eyes

So you can see that I am human like you

Just a boy from a mining town who is in love

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