One Last Moon

I quit smoking for three days

but I missed the moon too much

somehow a 20pack brings me closer to you

when I stand inside the night and I close my eyes

I can hear the pheasants calling

feel you next to me in the chill night air

and I remember everything I choose to forget beneath the sun

you see, I was just trying to make memories with you

now I have to erase them

just to get by, just to walk forward

so I quit smoking and I quit the moon

but under it I remember you

It’s where I keep you

KEPT you

today I bought a 20pack

so I could stand inside the night

light one up and remember

but tonight

the cigarette smoke reminds me of the little fires you started

white lies under white light

and the red glow, all of the anger you spilled like larva

those memories blow away with the smoke I exhale

I’ve missed the moon

I’ve missed you

I’ll quit eventually, after this pack for sure

just one more pack

under one more moon

one last pack

one last moon

2 thoughts on “One Last Moon

  1. It is lovely work like this that makes me want to smoke again, friend. Laughs aside, I was moved – there’s a deep emotional hum underlying the work that I could feel throughout. Splendid work.


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