77 days

Absent for 77 days.

Damn that’s a long time! I wish I had a better excuse than the ones I’m about to make but quite frankly, I don’t.

Talk about writers block…I guess it wasn’t a case of not having anything to say but yet having too much to say.

So much so that it was all just getting stuck as I tried to write it all out, some kind of emotional gridlock. Maybe it was just because I’d been pouring out my feelings into my song writing instead. Turning my pain and experience over the last few months into music.

I gotta admit, even writing this feels good! Finally getting myself into the feeling of fingers to keys, feelings into words on the screen.

I also think that my writing has taken a step back because of where I left off, I was so invested in creating my book during my last relationship that I guess I built up some mental walls around the project, halted it as to not be reminded of him and the process we would have taken during its creation.

So much has changed and yet I feel stuck in one place still in so many ways. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so affected in my whole life by the end of a relationship like I have been from this one and I am still trying to figure out why, though I know I will get there I just need more time. We’ll get into all of that soon enough in the coming weeks.

So to end this quick little update post I’ll just say this, I am back and I have content coming, I had covid too recently and that’s finally just about gone so I am feeling a lot better and I’m going to get back on track. (end of excuses)

Thank you to those who have stuck around during my massive writing breaks and to anyone who is new here, I’m usually better than this I promise haha so please stick around!

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