I’ve been ghosting all of you and all I can say is sorry.

My readers, my friends and family, my past, my present and my future.

Ghosting it all.

I haven’t posted in so many months that I almost forgot how to.

Do I create one long post explaining the last few months of my life? Do I state the fact that I am back in some dramatic fashion or just post some random poem like I was never absent?

As I’m writing, I still don’t know which way it’ll go, I’m just glad to be writing at all! Sat drinking my coffee that by now has gone cold as usual, at my new plastic fold up desk while trying to avoid the looming back ache that my spinney stool gives me (I hate it but it spins. It’s fun) all in the aid of getting back into the writing saddle. Boy does it feel good to hear the sound of my heavy fingers drumming the keys like a piano.

This year I’m going to try and not to be like Casper the friendly ghost but more like, lets say, Casper the friendly and consistent writer!

So here’s to 2022 the year of promising consistency and blog posts a plenty!

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