Embarrassment and Madonna Cups

I had to go and lose my mind again.

I was living my best life, drinking whiskey from a plastic cup with Madonna’s face on it while dancing to whatever cheesy music played in Flares.

I just couldn’t help myself! I don’t even remember why I did it.

I haven’t looked back through the messages and I probably wont, just to save myself the embarrassment of it all. I remember enough to still cringe into my pillow while I recover form my hangover. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, I really hoped that this year would be different and I lasted 19 days. I wanna stay under these covers until he forgets. Please forget!

I’m not this person, I’m not a crazy love forlorn pathetic human! Or am I? It sure looks like it.

Did I lie though? Was I being an honest drunk texter at least? I think so…

To the best of my hungover knowledge that is.


I must add ‘don’t text ex’ to my list of things to do this year but first, coffee.

‘must quit drinking’ yeah, I’ll add that too.

p.s If you read this, I am sorry yet again for drunk messaging, I will do better or at least leave my phone at home next time! Also, your Sim moved out..

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