About The Book

The Life And Death Of Love is a collection of poems and descriptive text that tell the story of love, the beginning and end of a relationship shown through a seasonal cycle.

Compiled from my diary entries spanning 11 years, the book to me brings to light exactly what it means to love another.

All that is imperfect, all that is hidden and all that is truly honest.

The book comes from me picking up a pen after every argument, writing on train journeys visiting past lovers, the first kisses, the first stay over and all the other firsts. The lies and the pain, the endless notebooks filled with the emotional fallout when it was all over, the game changing moments and the little things, all noted down lover after lover.

Are relationships easy? no

Would I want them to be? not at all

I wouldn’t have anything to write about….


The end of a relationship hits like the coldest chill of winter 

we are dead

skeletal and for a time we have nothing left to give

We wait, and we wait

its silent and silence really is deafening