It’s raining in both our towns now

though that’s not the only thing connecting me to you.

See, I left my mind on that stone studded beach

and my heart blocked out the sound permanently 

and that night you drove to me through the dark

I had to feel my way around you as you left your mark…

On my skin.

On my heart.

On my mouth.

Can he taste me now? I’m honey sweet even though inside I’m bitter

and I’m trying to be better but i can never be the winner

of this race he already won.

My friends say I should quit you and forget that I met you.

Let you run in circles around those rings on your finger

and I should find my own Mr.

Leave you with your decisions while I blow you one last kiss

If I could only listen to the brain that I miss…

but I let it drown in that salt filled sea while you floated next to me.

He is the sugar in your lemonade and I’m left with lemons

and as sweet as you are my lemonade is still bitter

and I’m not any better

at dealing with the feelings 

my heart keeps concealing. 



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