The End Of An Era


Tonight I stood under the last full moon of my 20’s

Smoking the last cigarette of my 20’s

Drinking the last whiskey of my 20’s


Fuck it feels strange

Sad and exciting

So many amazing times rush through my mind and I gotta admit I had a blast!

Though I must admit I didn’t expect to be spending tonight alone

That sucks

But I can’t dwell on that for too long

Tonight is for remembering the good times

Love gained and lost

Friends that I made and lessons I have learnt

Memories I made and memories still to create

Tonight I painted my nails to match the top I will wear tomorrow

I drank a bottle of wine and watched AbFab

I took my mind back to the day I turned 20 and appreciated how far I have come

Though I can’t say I feel I have changed much

Still the same old me

Old…I felt that

I feel it

But fuck it

I may be leaving my 20’s

Still single, still In Doncaster in my little bungalow

But at least I’m still

Fucking Fabulous!

And that will never change!

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